White Caravan is working to educate and  prevent women's homelessness in Australia through separation and divorce.  We are raising awareness of this issue, along with providing guidance, support and education, with an emphasis on the importance of financial literacy and independence. We further provide respite housing for women and children.

PO Box 510,
North Avalon

Sydney NSW 2107


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When single mother Juliet Potter first bought a used caravan that she found on Facebook, she was excited at the prospect of slowly renovating her purchase in order to provide an extra home for her family and friends over the weekends and holiday breaks.

Yet what eventuated has fast become a solution for the epidemic of homelessness currently facing women across Australia.


Enter White Caravan, an initiative that will see renovated caravans accessed as transitional housing by women and children.


White Caravan is a unique initiative that facilitates the renovation and restoration of caravans to provide much needed respite to women who require transitional housing.


We create education, conversation, marketing solutions and early intervention exit strategies for women to prevent homelessness and financial hardship across Australia.

We also work alongside a multitude of existing community-based partners, support services and sponsors.


We are working to prevent and raise awareness of the growing epidemic of women's homelessness and financial abuse in that exists in Australia today.


Available services for homelessness are fragmented and often, at times, unknown to many women. We help women navigate their way through separation using existing  services and support networks.


We assist women by providing transitional accommodation solutions. We play a role in prevention, education and within the creation of well-planned exit strategies.