White Caravan is working to educate and  prevent women's homelessness in Australia through separation and divorce.  We are raising awareness of this issue, along with providing guidance, support and education, with an emphasis on the importance of financial literacy and independence. We further provide respite housing for women and children.

PO Box 510,
North Avalon

Sydney NSW 2107


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Working with your Community

We rely on donations from the community, corporate partners and philanthropic individuals to help us raise awareness. For White Caravan to continue it's work to raise awareness within the community and to provide accommodation, solutions and much needed support for women and their families to transition, we need your help.


You can donate directly.
Even the smallest of donations significantly assists us to continue to raise awareness, support and solutions for women.

Become a


White Caravan has enormous community appeal as each and every person has a skill they can contribute.

Can you bring something to the table?

Social Influence

for Good

Sharing the message of White Caravan raises awareness of the epidemic of homelessness and domestic abuse. Please share our message.


With Us

Our social community is waiting for your contribution. Join the conversation:

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The White Caravan Foundation

About Us

We educate Australian women on financial independence and empowerment, to prevent financial abuse and homelessness.

We provide strategy, mentorship, guidance and respite accommodation in renovated caravans.

Our Services

We are working to prevent and raise awareness of the growing epidemic of women's homelessness and financial abuse in that exists in Australia today.

Meet Our


Our team are 100% dedicated to ensuring women across Australia
aren’t rendered homeless & financially unable to support themselves and their children as a result of leaving an
abusive relationship.

Press & Media

In addition to our growing social media supporters, the White Caravan Foundation is grateful to receive so much media coverage.

Connect With Us

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Heal & Thrive

With your much-needed donation, we help women transition into a new life and a brighter future by providing transitional housing and connecting them with the tools required to reestablish, heal and thrive.