White Caravan is working to educate and  prevent women's homelessness in Australia through separation and divorce.  We are raising awareness of this issue, along with providing guidance, support and education, with an emphasis on the importance of financial literacy and independence. We further provide respite housing for women and children.

PO Box 510,
North Avalon

Sydney NSW 2107


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Preventing women's homelessness

through awareness, education & renovating used caravans for
transitional housing

We educate Australian women on financial independence and empowerment,

to prevent financial abuse and homelessness. We provide strategy, mentorship and guidance along with respite accommodation.


Women are more likely to be at risk of homelessness due to financial disadvantage, the demands of motherhood, many times are employed in casual and lower paid jobs, have lower superannuation and savings and have suffered domestic and financial abuse. Combined with the rising cost of a new home and rental accommodation, it's little wonder women are fast becoming the new face of homelessness in Australia.


Unlike many other services that work in the housing crisis sector, White Caravan works firmly within the area of prevention. This includes education of the younger generation to share the message of empowerment within maintaining financial independence when embarking on a relationship, particularly those that include children. Taking responsibly for, and control of, your individual finances within a partnership is something many women forgo, yet is critical in the preservation of life choices and helping to eliminate financial abuse and ultimately, homelessness.


We guide and support women within the creation of separation strategies post-separation and divorce, to help lay the required foundations in transitioning into a secure, happier life with both confidence and clarity.

Finally, we provide temporary housing options by way of renovated caravans to allow respite, peace and healing for women and children while they transition into a new, exciting and positive future.


We renovate caravans to help to provide transitional housing solutions through our charity. Yet the White Caravan is also symbolic of the work we are doing in educating and raising awareness of women's homelessness.


Our charity works to co-ordinate community involvement, pulling together relevant, existing, and established services under our banner to allow better access for women navigating their way post separation or divorce.


We are educating young women about the reality of homelessness and how financial independence is vital towards stopping the cycle.
We work alongside our partners, the media and the community to create a conversation and practical programs to teach girls financial literacy from an early age.