White Caravan is working to educate and  prevent women's homelessness in Australia through separation and divorce.  We are raising awareness of this issue, along with providing guidance, support and education, with an emphasis on the importance of financial literacy and independence. We further provide respite housing for women and children.

PO Box 510,
North Avalon

Sydney NSW 2107


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All too often, corporate sponsorship is disingenuous, serving only to tick a marketing box. This is is not the case for our partners who don't just put their money where their mouth is or pay lip service to our cause - they are instead rolling up their sleeves and working directly alongside our organisation in order to inspire and create much needed change.


As Sponsors, each of our partners brings something to the table. They are passionate, not passive. They genuinely want to be part of the journey of creating a long-term solution.


Those partnering with White Caravan are brave and willing to instigate and find solutions. They understand the need to prompt and inspire conversation that is sometimes uncomfortable in order to truly face the reality of homelessness.